Our customer is a well-known manufacturing company with a solid market position, successfully doing business in Poland and in the Central Europe. Since its foundation it has been controlled by several Polish entrepreneurs and their successors. Since its IPO, the company has complied with good practices in dealing with external stakeholders, but expected support in comprehensive enhancement and maintenance of the quality and efficiency of its operations.

Initially, our on-going cooperation covered the areas of corporate communication, compliance and fulfilment of mandatory disclosures (current reports – MAR) and investor relations (IR) and preparation of various types of information kits. However, in the course of discussions, we very quickly came to an agreement that the effectiveness of our business relationship would be further enhanced in the case of comprehensive support by NOBILI, including in the area of periodic reports and quality-based content marketing. Over time, our advisory services also covered the area of sustainable growth and ESG. In addition, we have supported the company in non-financial reporting from the very beginning.

NOBILI’s key assignments

In addition to professionalization and enhancing the operational efficiency, the most significant assignment commissioned to us was to safeguard the maximum level of security to the company and its Management Board members. This need stemmed both from our customer’s current and planned business activities (including acquisitions and investments) and the proliferation of regulations regulating business activities.

The point of departure for our activities was to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the company. We accomplished this goal, inter alia, by organising a series of workshops with management and internal experts and by carrying out an in-depth perception study among the company’s key third party stakeholders – investment and pension fund managers, analysts and journalists.

Outcome of our joint business relationship

Since the establishment of the business relationship, acting jointly with the company personnel we have professionalised in a comprehensive manner the areas of corporate communication, investor relations and the fulfilment of mandatory disclosures including but not limited to:

When assessing the quality of cooperation, the customer emphasises the comfort resulting from our top-quality activities and the sense of security.

We will be happy to provide representatives of companies interested in cooperating with NOBILI with names of contact persons who could provide credentials.

See a description of our services that we have rendered for this customer: [to be updated – name and links].

Corporate communication

Sustainability. ESG

Investor relations

Mandatory disclosures. Compliance

Crisis communication

Information design