Business consulting

An innovative idea, a desire to develop a more traditional business or sometimes the need to adapt to an ever changing market and competitive environment. Regardless of the point of departure and the businessman motivation, every company faces the challenge of creating or revising a business model.

A business model is the foundation of any company – a long-term operational plan that enables the company to generate revenues from the sale of products or services and maximise profits from sales. In practice, the model implements the formalised strategic vision of the company or the practical ways of implementing it, understood as building a value chain. In other words, how the company operates and how it creates value for customers/users, shareholders and other stakeholders.

The key components of a business model include first and foremost:

Not all companies – especially those in the early phase of development or undergoing a dynamic change – have the human and time resources to develop a business model. From time to time a fresh perspective, backed up by in-depth analysis and data, is desirable. This is when it makes sense to ask our experts for their help.

Business consultancy – scope of our services

At NOBILI PARTNERS we provide start-ups and companies already established in the market with professional advice. Our consultants are people with extensive business and industry knowledge and extensive managerial experience gained both while working for companies in various industries and while setting up new businesses from scratch.

What do you gain while working with us?

– A professional business model including value proposition, revenue generation model, market and competitive landscape analysis, identification of competitive advantages and determination of the most effective organisational structure.

– Preparation of the organisation to attain effectively its strategic objectives through process development.

– Professionalization of the organisation and the way it is managed.

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