Implementation of sustainable development

With the strong sustainability trend, it is essential that external challenges – including the effects of climate change and a pack of new regulations associated with the implementation of the European Green Deal – are considered in the development plans. However, not every organisation has the knowledge and human resources to build the right back-up facilities, to plan and then to implement sustainability activities.

Based on our extensive knowledge and long-term experience, we guide the organisation through the entire process of various implementations – from the strategy operationalization, through the implementation of processes (e.g. reporting) to the execution of specific projects.

Implementation of sustainability – the scope of our support:

We assist in the implementation of existing strategies, but also offer the service of preparing a new strategy from scratch, together with setting strategic and operational objectives jointly with the company during project execution (see Sustainability: ESG / CSR strategies and policies).

Owing to our wide-ranging expertise, we support the companies communicating their sustainability strategy and we assist them to run on-going activities.

What do you gain while working with us?

– Saving your and your team members’ time.

– Image and regulatory (compliance) advice in every implementation phase.

– Getting organisation ready for the requirements of the regulatory environment and of the stakeholders, including business partners, investors as well as lending and insurance institutions.

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