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Sustainability is a strong global trend (the so-called megatrend) that is reshaping the economy and business in many dimensions. Taken literally, it means development (including economic development) that takes into account not only current needs, but also the well-being of future generations.

Sustainability is also now one of the dominant global trends determining how companies approach doing business, raising capital and financing as well as attaining their business goals. In the corporate segment, we frequently refer to their operations and their impact on the environment from three perspectives, collectively referred to by the acronym ESG: E – environmental and climate, S – social and employee and G – corporate and organisational governance.

For the Polish businessmen, the most tangible element of the sustainability trend is the European Green Deal. This is a set of wide-ranging legislative, economic and social initiatives, announced in December 2019.

This European Union sustainable growth strategy aims at transforming our continent into a prosperous society living in a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, with net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Importantly enough for the business sector, the EU’s ‘green strategy’ is the source of a growing number of regulations shaping the business environment and one of the major drivers of the constantly progressing shift towards sustainability.

Simultaneously numerous Polish companies have been experiencing rapidly mounting pressure exerted by their business partners (customers, suppliers) on them to take more and more responsibility for the impact of their business model on the environment. This trend has and will continue to have a very strong impact on companies’ strategies in the coming decade. And also on their business growth prospects – or lack thereof.

Sustainability. ESG – the scope of our support

At NOBILI PARTNERS, we support companies comprehensive manner in managing the area of sustainable development and ESG projects. Our services range from the strategy development (or integration with the existing business strategy), through its implementation to the final reporting of the implemented activities and achieved indicators. In each phase, we ensure professionally structured dialogue and cooperation with the company’s key stakeholders.

Furthermore – along with battle-tested business partners – we offer companies assistance in getting ready to face the requirements of financial institutions related to sustainable finance policies, as well as requirements concerning determination of their carbon footprint and planning its reduction.

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ESG audits. Identification and management of non-financial risks

Growing expectations from the environment and business partners, as well as successive regulations, are putting mounting pressure on the businesses to develop in a sustainable manner ...

Identification, needs surveying and communication with stakeholders. Stakeholder mapping

During its day-to-day operations, the company relies on relationships with many individuals, institutions and business partners. They have significant influence on the company or they are influenced by the company activities. These are known as stakeholders ...

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Mounting regulatory pressure, but also pressure exerted by the environment - business partners, customer lending institutions or local communities - means that more and more companies need to quantify their environmental footprint as well as develop and monitor plans to reduce it ...

Sustainability reporting. Non-financial statements and reports, CSR reports

The idea of sustainable development - assuming an organisation's responsibility for its operational environment - is reflected more and more in the companies' business models, strategies and specific activities ...

Implementation of sustainable development

With the strong sustainability trend, it is essential that external challenges - including the effects of climate change and a pack of new regulations associated with the implementation of the European Green Deal - are considered in the development plans ...

Sustainable finance

The term “sustainable finance” refers to the consideration of ESG issues, i.e. environmental, social and governance issues, in the decision-making process carried out by the financial institutions - banks, investment and pension funds, insurance companies ...

Sustainability: ESG / CSR strategies and policies

Strategy represent grounds for the long-term development of any enterprise. It is a clear guideline, helping to achieve the set objectives. Today having a sustainability strategy is equally important ...

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