ESG audits. Identification and management of non-financial risks

Growing expectations from the environment and business partners, as well as successive regulations, are putting mounting pressure on the businesses to develop in a sustainable manner. This global trend is having a very strong impact on virtually all operational aspects of the companies, on how they retain their competitive edge and on their growth prospects.

The growing importance of ESG is reflected not only in the successive regulations and industry standards being developed, but also in the growing interest from supervisory (e.g. the Polish Financial Supervision Authority) and financial institutions (including banks and insurers).

The growing interest in sustainability topics in the wide circles of stakeholders makes the external, independent verification of data and information presented by companies more and more important. This is important not only in the context of correct fulfilment of the obligations required by law. A well-designed reporting system will enable a corporate body to pass easily the ESG audits, which are performed more and more often by the business partners of Polish companies, e.g. key customers. It also allows to exclude the risk of legal claims related to the accusation of greenwashing.

ESG audits for reporting and non-financial reporting areas

Our audit services pertaining to the ESG reporting system and the reports themselves provide a robust and comprehensive assessment of the sustainability (non-financial) reporting to date – from analysing the process of identifying and collecting key business aspects’ data, to the relevance, completeness and usefulness of the published data and information.

– The ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standard) is being developed for the new CSRD directive on sustainability reporting – based on the most recent drafts or delegated acts adopted by the European Commission,

– GRI Standards

– SASB Standards

ESG audits for the area of strategy and implemented activities

Taking advantage of our expertise in strategic advisory and communication, we additionally audit and provide opinions on sustainability (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, programmes and activities.

What do you gain while working with us?

– Guarantee that reports comply with applicable legislation (Polish Accounting Act or CSRD directive) and market standards for sustainability reporting (GRI, SASB).

– Independent validation of the entire reporting process and sustainability (ESG) data disclosures, which will raise the level of confidence in the company’s reports among its stakeholders and will enable the company to get ready for attestation process performed by audit firms (e.g. on GRI Standards).

– Knowledge of the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in the area of sustainability (ESG) and professional recommendations for ESG implementations that will enable the organisation to satisfy the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, e.g. the development of a sustainability strategy (click here to learn more).

– Reducing operational and reputational risks: avoiding the loss of customers or business partners or the failure to obtain an insurance policy, bank loan or other third party funding.

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