NOBILI has been born out of passion. A passion for developing the best solutions for businesses facing challenges in the areas of finance, communication and compliance. Every day, our team of a dozen or so consultants and experts working with us permanently give 100% of their energy and commitment to provide our clients with real support, comfort of cooperation and security.

What makes us different? Why is it worthwhile to take advantage of our services?

We can see more

Our team strengths include the competences gained in the following market segments: listed and private companies, capital market supervision, financial market institutions, advisory and consulting. This unique blend of diverse experience enables us to see more and better protect your interests.

We are effective

We devote a great deal of attention to getting to know in-depth the business of the companies we work for. This enables us to hand-pick effective tools and jointly develop road maps tailored to their needs. As a result, we are able to carry out our tasks more effectively and attain set objectives.

We build relationships

Our company motto is 'We build relationships', because we work on the grounds of trust and mutual respect while sharing our knowledge. At the same time, we believe that we are able to achieve top performance while acting in a systematic and reliable manner. This is why we support our customers effectively in building relationships with their stakeholders.

We are practitioners

We enjoy a wealth of experience. It is derived from more than a hundred major projects that we have successfully completed over the past few years for dozens of companies: private and public, large, medium and small, Polish and with foreign capital participation. Our effectiveness and pragmatism are testified by the awards and prizes we have won and, above all, by the credentials from our customers.

A wide array of services

Thanks to our competence in the areas of finance, communication and law, we are able to handle even the most challenging projects on a stand-alone basis, saving our customers’ time and money.

How can we assist your organisation?
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