Sustainability: ESG / CSR strategies and policies

Strategy represent grounds for the long-term development of any enterprise. It is a clear guideline, helping to achieve the set objectives. Today having a sustainability strategy is equally important.

A well-thought-out strategy for this area will realistically support company development and enable it to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the green transition. At the same time, it will enable the company to reduce its negative environmental impact and to mitigate effectively non-financial risks.

A pivotal role for the organisation – but also for its stakeholders – is played by the policies. These are succinct documents that lay down the framework for the company’s activities in a particular area, showing the direction in which it is heading and what its priorities are. This is why a separate policy should be prepared for each area the organisation considers to be important.

Having a sustainability strategy and policies in place is key to effective measures and optimal allocation of the corporate resources in planning specific ESG programmes and activities.

ESG / CSR strategies and policies – the scope of our support

At NOBILI PARTNERS, we assist the companies to grow in a sustainable manner. We take the time to obtain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the companies we work for including their business, culture and organisational values, strengths and weaknesses, ambitions and plans. We also analyse their competitive landscape, key stakeholders and key developments in their market and regulatory environment, identifying opportunities as well as threats.

On the grounds of the knowledge acquired through the analyses and directly from the company, we develop comprehensive strategies, including strategic goals and operational objectives (along with metrics). We design in-house systems for monitoring and supervising the strategy implementation, and we can also handle strategy implementation (click here to learn more).

On the basis of the company’s existing documents, expectations and implemented practices, stakeholder expectations, analysis of the regulatory and competitive environment, as well as identified opportunities and risks, we develop and update sustainable development policies for all relevant areas.

We develop both policies required by the Accounting Act (with regard to social, employee, environmental, respect for human rights and anti-corruption issues) and those regulating other areas, such as climate policies or information policies (used in investor relations and corporate communications).

As part of the development of sustainable development (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and policies, we hold dialogue with the company’s stakeholders on behalf of the company (click here to learn more).

In addition, we support companies in cascading policies from the parent company level to capital group member subsidiaries. We also audit existing corporate sustainability / CSR policies and strategies in place and draft proposals for their modification (click here to learn more).

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