Identification, needs surveying and communication with stakeholders. Stakeholder mapping

During its day-to-day operations, the company relies on relationships with many individuals, institutions and business partners. They have significant influence on the company or they are influenced by the company activities. These are known as stakeholders – customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, investors, the inhabitants of the locality where the company operates and representatives of local government or administration.

The sustainability megatrend is significantly changing the way we think about doing business to date. The ‘shareholder capitalism’ model, which assumes that a company’s role is subservient only to its shareholders and that profit is maximised without looking at other business aspects, is being challenged. The idea of ‘stakeholder capitalism’, which puts profit making at the heart of a company’s activities and development, but alongside environmental concern and the needs of the company’s stakeholders, is gaining prominence. For instance, this includes dealing fairly and ethically with suppliers, respecting and supporting local communities, and protecting the environment and using its resources in a sustainable fashion.

A necessity to consider the needs and expectations of stakeholders in the business conduct has also been introduced by legislation, such as the CSRD Directive. It requires companies to disclose in their reports how they take into account stakeholders’ interests in the company’s business model and strategy.

Identification, needs surveying and communication with stakeholders – the scope of our support

At NOBILI PARTNERS, we support companies in identifying stakeholders and engaging them through various forms of dialogue. As part of the research we carry out using professional tools, we obtain, analyse and prioritise stakeholders’ needs and expectations. All that is to enable the organisation to manage its sustainability in a professional and fully informed manner.

Detailed scope of our services:

What do you gain from engaging in stakeholder dialogue working jointly with us?

– A more precise strategy – the inclusion of the relevant aspects identified by stakeholders in the sustainability strategy allows business objectives to be pursued more harmoniously (in a manner that mitigates risks) and growth opportunities to be exploited.

– Management support – making more accurate decisions in the areas that require taking into account the opinions of external stakeholders. Provide managers with ready-to-use analyses necessary for effective implementation of sustainability (ESG) activities and projects.

– Deeper relationships – with customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, distributors, and representatives of banks or local government and administration.

– Better understanding – knowledge of stakeholder needs and expectations means, inter alia, a higher chance of attracting talented employees and fewer crises thanks to listening to the concerns of local communities.

– Excellent reports and information materials about the company – their layout, content and form matching the needs of your stakeholders to the full extent.

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